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                                                    Building management

                                                    Boost energy efficiency and increase the availability of your electrical installation


                                                    Main drivers

                                                    “How can I save energy in an industrial building where there’s zero tolerance for power cuts?”

                                                    Solution in brief:

                                                    Combine ION Enterprise power monitoring software and Power SCADA operations and maintenance management software

                                                    Solution applicable to all large critical industrial buildings (>1000 kVA)

                                                    The solution delivers a detailed analysis of events while optimizing control of your building’s power supply.
                                                    ION Enterprise software manages energy-efficiency-related functions

                                                    • Comprehensive managed energy information:
                                                      > Electric metering through PM and CM meter ranges and Sepam, Masterpact, and Compact NSX meters with built-in protection
                                                      - Electric parameters: voltage, current, frequency, power factor
                                                      - Power and energy parameters: apparent, active, reactive
                                                      - Power quality
                                                      > Load aggregation, trigger on complex conditions, alarming, event logging, trend graphing for any measured parameter, analysis of efficiency, losses and capacity, bill verification, cost allocation, and sub-billing
                                                      > Web-enabled, local or remote preconfigured and custom reports; manual, scheduled or event-triggered reporting and distribution via email or web
                                                    • Load and power source controls; demand and power factor correction
                                                      > Collection of all WAGES (water, air, gas, electricity, steam) metering data through additional meters or directly via Ethernet, from a PLC-SCADA for example PowerLogic SCADA mainly addresses availability related functions
                                                    • Real-time monitoring and control of the entire power installation for even the most complex facilities
                                                    • Advanced alarm and shift management functions for smoother maintenance scheduling
                                                    • Powerful troubleshooting thanks to precision time stamping accurate to within 1ms
                                                    • Advanced communication architectures : hot/warm redundant I/O device configuration, self-healing ring communications and primary and standby server configurations
                                                    • Fast manual control operations by clicking on-screen trigger buttons, and remote breaker, protection relay, and other power distribution equipment operation

                                                    Benefits for End Users:

                                                    > Reduce energy consumption by 10% by analyzing usage
                                                    > Implement additional controls such as curtailment programs for even greater savings
                                                    > Improve availability of your facilities through faster access to decisioncritical reports and automated multisource controls
                                                    > Increase accuracy of monitoring and troubleshooting with highly-accurate 1ms time stamping capabilities

                                                    Benefits for professionals:

                                                    + Compatible with all Schneider Electric products, including PowerLogic IONseries meters and
                                                    PowerLogic PM750 and PM710 meters
                                                    + Connectivity to third-party devices via Modbus or OPC
                                                    + Powerful customization facilitates implementation of all power control functions
                                                    + Remote alarming, reporting, and operation for reduced on-site presence


                                                    Boost energy efficiency and increase the availability of your electrical installation 

                                                    To know more

                                                    To know more 

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                                                    Application to meet essential energy measurement needs with a simple metering solution

                                                    meet essential energy measurement needs with a simple metering solution