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                                                    Boost your “green” image and save with photovoltaic energy


                                                    Main drivers

                                                    “Our company is known for environmental awareness and advanced technology. We’d like to build on that image and cut energy costs. Given our available rooftop space, solar panels seem like a the natural choice.”

                                                    Solution in brief

                                                    Generate your own electricity with rooftop photovoltaic modules

                                                     This solution is designed for three-phase electricity production. The photovoltaic modules are connected to the grid so you can sell surplus electricity back to the utility—usually at attractive rates—and all of the necessary devices and protective equipment are housed out of sight in a facilities room.


                                                    Schneider Electric provides:

                                                    • Pre-wired, referenced junction boxes for connection to the photovoltaic generator’s DC output
                                                    • Pre-wired, referenced DC disconnection boxes
                                                    • Dedicated DC/AC inverters synchronized with the utility grid
                                                    • AC protection for connection to the grid.


                                                    An iRio remote terminal unit monitors and transmits information and tracks electricity production records. It can also be used for display and customer demonstrations, to show in real time the photovoltaic production.

                                                    Benefits for End Users

                                                    >Up to 20% savings

                                                    • With incentives and buy-back schemes, solar energy can offset your electricity bill by up to 20%
                                                    • ROI is less than 10 years, and often far less (6 to 8 years)


                                                    > A smaller environmental footprint


                                                    • Each kWh produced shaves an average of 0.476 kg off your building’s carbon footprint (average value in Europe)


                                                    > A greener image


                                                    • The system gives you the data you need to demonstrate your commitment to the environment

                                                    Benefits for professionals

                                                    + Design

                                                    Free, easy-to-use SunEzy Design software

                                                    + Installation

                                                    • Junction boxes and DC disconnection boxes pre-wired according to local standards and rules
                                                    • Limited part numbers for easy selection and ordering


                                                    + Maintenance


                                                    • SunEzy inverter display for easy testing
                                                    • Included SunEzy Control software for inverter testing from your PC
                                                    • DIN-rail-mounted iRio RTU transmits all information and monitors building PV production

                                                    Main characteristics

                                                    Solution applicable to: buildings from 100 to 2,000 square meters

                                                    Solution architecture


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                                                    Application to boost your « green » image and save with photovoltaic energy

                                                    Boost your « green » image and save with photovoltaic energy