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                                                    Building management

                                                    Control and monitor HVAC, lighting, security systems, and energy consumption


                                                    Main drivers:

                                                    “I want to reduce capital expenditures and operating costs, while making my building safer, more  comfortable, and more energy efficient. My ideal building management solution would be user-friendly and web-accessible, providing access to the different building systems from a single user interface.”

                                                    Solution in brief:

                                                    Adopt an intelligent building management system


                                                    Solution applicable to commercial and industrial buildings

                                                    Our intelligent building management systems (iBMS) deliver reliable and  efficient building management and significant energy savings. Built on open, standards-based technology, our iBMS  facilitate the integration of building systems into a single network, with easy management from a single
                                                    software platform—even across multi-site organizations.

                                                    A single local or web-based user interface provides a complete view of all systems, including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, energy consumption, access control, video surveillance, intrusion, fire and smoke detection, electrical distribution, power quality, and monitoring.

                                                    We offer various intelligent building management systems and products, including TAC Vista,  Satchwell and Andover Continuum.

                                                    •  Schedule-based heating, ventilation, cooling, and lighting control
                                                    •  Occupancy-based environmental controls
                                                    •  Customizable energy reports and analysis

                                                    •  Advanced alarm management

                                                    •  Night setback, night ventilation purge

                                                    •  Optimal start/stop

                                                    •  Chiller/boiler plant optimization

                                                    •  Heating/cooling equipment lockout

                                                    •  Supply air temperature reset

                                                    •  Variable Air Volume (VAV) pressure and flow control

                                                    •  Outside air reduction

                                                    •  Economizer control

                                                    •  Electrical demand limits

                                                    •  Domestic hot water control


                                                    Benefits for End Users:

                                                    Improve your building and business performance up to 30% by:
                                                    > Lowering energy costs and carbon emissions
                                                    > Eliminating unnecessary complexity by using a single software platform for all building controls
                                                    > Cutting training, service, maintenance, and administration costs
                                                    > Slashing capital expenditures by as much as 25%
                                                    > Reducing ongoing operating costs by as much as 36%

                                                    Benefits for professionals:

                                                    + Lower installation and ongoing operating costs
                                                    + Streamlined operation, training, administration, maintenance, and service



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                                                    Application to control and monitor HVAC, lighting, security systems, and energy consumption

                                                    Control and monitor HVAC, lighting, security systems, and energy consumption

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