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                                                    Building management

                                                    Control room lighting, temperature, and blinds automatically


                                                    Main drivers

                                                    “I want to automatically manage my building’s lighting and air conditioning depending on occupation, orientation, and natural light.”

                                                    Solution in brief

                                                    Combine a variety of room-level controls for dramatic cost savings


                                                    Solution applicable to all types of buildings

                                                    The solution is built around KNX detectors and fan and blind actuators, which interact automatically, eliminating unpredictable—and costly—human activation and deactivation. By combining presence and brightness detectors with timers to control lighting, blinds, heating, and air conditioning, you can save dramatically on your energy bills while increasing occupant comfort and safety.

                                                    Lights are switched on only when areas are occupied and depending on natural light. Heating and air conditioning are automatically regulated to achieve the desired temperature, switching to standby mode in the event of prolonged absence or if a window is open. Blinds are activated according to room temperature.

                                                    Benefits for End Users

                                                    > Save up to 50%

                                                    • Combining room climate control, lighting, and blinds in a single fl exible, automated system is the best way to align energy consumption with room use and occupant behaviour while eliminating waste
                                                    • According to EU standard EN 15232, Class A offi ce  buildings must be equipped with roomlevel controls, which have the greatest impact on energy consumption
                                                    • All-in-one solution for optimized room control
                                                    • Reduces energy consumption
                                                    • Flexible, with centralized or local switching and indicators
                                                    • Increased safety with optional automated alarms and emergency calls
                                                    • Optional user-friendly remote monitoring and control
                                                    • Easy to upgrade or add on to the system

                                                    Benefits for professionals

                                                    + Saves time on design (support available) and installation (easier to install than traditional systems with similar functions)
                                                    + Facilitates maintenance
                                                    + More flexible than traditional systems; can be changed easily if when tenants move out or when workspaces are reorganized



                                                    To know more

                                                    To know more 

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                                                    Application to control room lighting, temperature, and blinds automatically

                                                    Control room lighting, temperature, and blinds automatically

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