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                                                    HVAC Control


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                                                    Depending on your business and type of building, HVAC can account for over 40% of energy consumption. You can reduce HVAC energy consumption and sustain optimal consumption levels by improving the control and management of ventilation, temperatures, and system usage.
                                                    You can meet today’s demand for energy efficiency, occupant comfort, and compliance with standards by implementing one or more of the following solutions:

                                                    > Install variable speed drives on pumps and fans to adjust energy use to actual need.
                                                    > Design control architectures that facilitate operation and interaction of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and window blinds, zone by zone.
                                                    > Choose equipment that improves energy quality by eliminating power surges and reducing harmonics.

                                                    Depending on whether you choose simple, standalone control devices, a comprehensive building management system, or a solution somewhere in between, you can reduce the amount of energy your HVAC system uses by up to 30%.

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