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                                                    Building management

                                                    Monitor and control electrical loads in your retail shopfront


                                                    Main drivers

                                                    “I need to be able to check the status of the oven, refrigerator and security cameras quickly and easily when I close up my shop. I want to make sure everything is secure and avoid wasting energy.”

                                                    Solution in brief

                                                    Install KNX current sensing switch actuators connected to a touch panel to monitor loads


                                                    Solution applicable to all commercial buildings; particularly suitable for retail

                                                    The touch panel shows the status of the different loads and indicates potential risks—such as the refrigerator, oven, or security system—during shop opening hours.

                                                    The system cuts power to specific loads—like an oven left on at night—thus eliminating waste. It also helps to ensure proper operation of the security system by monitoring devices like security cameras and lighting.

                                                    A KNX logic module rotates the lighting sources used at night from one night to the next for more even use of light fixtures. The touch panel provides information on the operating hours and expected lifetime of  each fixture, for more efficient maintenance and replacement.

                                                    Benefits for End Users

                                                    > Monitoring consumption and identifying unnecessary use can generate savings of up to 10% and more
                                                    > Lower maintenance costs by rotating lighting sources
                                                    > Reduce energy consumption
                                                    > Increase safety of people and property through automatic alarms and emergency calls
                                                    > Added convenience of remote monitoring and control
                                                    > Easy upgrades and extensions

                                                    Benefits for professionals

                                                    + KNX systems are easier to design than traditional systems with similar functions
                                                    + Requires working with a skilled electrician or planner/ integrator to get maximum user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness
                                                    + Maximum flexibility, making adjustments to layout much easier than with traditional systems



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                                                    Application to monitor and control electrical loads in your retail shopfront

                                                    Monitor and control electrical loads in your retail shopfront

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