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                                                    Building management

                                                    Reduce hotel electrical consumption and improve comfort with a full KNX system


                                                    Main drivers:

                                                    “Energy has become a major expense for my hotel. I would like to reduce costs, but not to the detriment of my guests’ comfort or my own peace of mind—my top priorities.”

                                                    Solution in brief:

                                                    Install an intelligent guestroom management system to control lighting, HVAC, and blinds

                                                    Solution applicable to four- and five-star hotels

                                                    This intelligent system controls lighting, HVAC, and blinds according to guest presence, ensuring maximum comfort via the following functions:

                                                    • Advanced control of all room equipment such as lighting, heating, air-conditioning, curtains, and  blinds
                                                    • Management of hotel functions like do-not-disturb and make-upthe- room orders
                                                    • The capacity to communicate with other hotel systems

                                                    Energy use is managed automatically according to occupancy, resulting in reduced energy consumption. Of course, HVAC is a top consumer of energy, but so is lighting. Guests are usually only
                                                    in their hotel rooms for around eight hours per day, therefore, the times when the room is unoccupied represent a major opportunity to save energy without affecting guest comfort.

                                                    The solution is based on a KNX/EIB bus system, which connects all the different sensors and actuators inside the room to form an intelligent system.

                                                    • Sensors: key card holder, presence detector, thermostat, open/ close windows
                                                    • Actuators: lighting control, air conditioning control
                                                    • A single, easy-to-use interface, from simple push buttons to user-friendly touch screens
                                                    • Automated functions provide additional energy savings and smoother operation, whithout any inconvenience for the guests

                                                    Benefits for End Users:

                                                    > 10% energy savings off each guestroom’s electric bill

                                                    • By lowering room temperature by just one degree, you can shave 3% off of your HVAC system’s energy consumption
                                                    • Achieve additional savings through smart lighting and blind management

                                                    > Ensure greater comfort and an enhanced experience for your guests

                                                    • Install a convenient central point of control (bedside, for example)
                                                    •  Provide one-touch access to selected lighting scenarios
                                                    •  Eliminate the need to turn off each light when leaving the room or going to sleep

                                                    Benefits for professionals:

                                                    + A differentiating design
                                                    A skilled electrician or systems integrator must be brought in to install
                                                    the guestroom management system to ensure maximum user friendliness and cost effectiveness
                                                    + Easy upgrades and add-ons
                                                    Thanks to the flexibility of the bus system, the system can be
                                                    easily upgraded with new functions during future hotel renovations


                                                    Reduce hotel electricity consumption and improve comfort with a full KNX system 

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                                                    To know more 

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                                                    Application to reduce hotel electricity consumption and improve comfort with a full KNX system

                                                    Reduce hotel electricity consumption and improve comfort with a full KNX system