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                                                    Renewable Power Generation

                                                    Supply a small group of remote, off-grid buildings with electricity


                                                    Main drivers

                                                    “We would like to provide electricity to a remote village in Africa. We are looking for the optimized technical solution at the best price.”

                                                    Solution in brief

                                                    Install solar panels to provide the buildings with their own independent energy supply


                                                    Solution applicable to off-grid buildings

                                                    The system includes:

                                                    • Solar panels with a total capacity of a few kWc
                                                    • 1 Xantrex XW solar charge controller
                                                    • A set of batteries to store several days’ worth of electricity
                                                    • 1 Xantrex Trace TR1524 inverter
                                                    • Circuit breakers to protect the solar installation and for each building
                                                    • 1 GSM-equipped iRio unit for remote management of network operating schedule and monitoring of consumption, batteries, the charger, the solar panels, and the inverter
                                                    • urge protection devices for PC photovoltaic generators and for the AC part of the installation

                                                    Benefits for End Users

                                                    > Totally independent electricity supply
                                                    > Local, independent management of the installation

                                                    Benefits for professionals

                                                    + A single interface for centralized management and monitoring
                                                    + Local people receive maintenance and operation training from Schneider Electric


                                                    Madagascar village gets solar energy In early 2009, solar panels were installed in a mountain village in Madagascar. The village, which counts about 20 houses, was too remote to be connected up to the
                                                    main grid. The goal was to provide 50 W for each household three hours per day— a total of 1,000 W for the village or 3 kWh per day.
                                                    According to a survey conducted after the project was completed, the local population, which helped with the work, was satisfied with the results. A team of two local electricians received training from Schneider Electric Madagascar. They did the wiring in all of the houses and now handle maintenance and repairs.



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                                                    To know more 

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                                                    Application to supply a small group of remote, off-grid buildings with electricity

                                                    Supply a small group of remote, off-grid buildings with electricity

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