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                                                    Lighting control

                                                    Save energy by controlling lighting scenarios for different areas of your building


                                                    Main drivers:

                                                    “I want an easy way to manage different lighting scenarios in different areas of my building and save energy.”

                                                    Solution in brief:

                                                    Implement remote or manual controls to automatically manage different lighting scenarios

                                                    Solution applicable to all commercial buildings

                                                    This solution uses KNX network technology to link push-button controls with switching and dimming   actuators. Different lighting scenarios configured according to occupancy and use can be activated via KNX push-button controls. Individual KNX actuators may be used to switch or dim lights manually at any time. A remote control provides added practicality.

                                                    Benefits for End Users:

                                                    > Use up to 10% less energy than with a traditional installation for a similar-sized room
                                                    > Improve occupant comfort and room ambiance
                                                    > Control by lighting groups eliminates unnecessary use

                                                    Benefits for professionals:

                                                    + Maximum flexibility, making adjustments to layout much easier than with traditional systems
                                                    + Requires working with a skilled electrician or planner/ integrator to get maximum user friendliness and cost-effectiveness



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