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                                                    Building management

                                                    Schedule selected loads simply via your BMS (Building Management System)


                                                    Main drivers:

                                                    “My business is flexible enough to schedule certain energy-consuming activities during less expensive off-peak hours. What’s the best way to take advantage of this opportunity?”

                                                    Solution in brief:

                                                    Integrate a centrally-managed load-shedding system into your BMS (Building Management System)

                                                    The solution is built around a PC or PLC that controls load shedding. The controller is used to generate load shedding orders based on the electrical variables of the entire electrical installation,
                                                    taking into account time bands, operating, or even process-related information. The system communicates with selected Compact NSX circuit breakers. Power to outgoing loads is cut for
                                                    a given amount of time, and selected loads are restarted at more optimal times chosen by the controller.
                                                    The system is simple, with an IFM Modbus interface between the PC or PLC and the circuit breakers. The Compact NSX circuit breakers are equipped with Breaker Status Control Module (BSCM) input/output modules, which are hooked up to the remote control (MTc) that opens and closes the Compact NSX.

                                                    Benefits for End Users:

                                                    > 10% lower electricity bills, with savings proportionate to rates negotiated with the utility
                                                    > Get the most of your investment: the FDM121 switchboard includes, at a cost similar to traditional
                                                    push-button/ lighting/commutator solutions

                                                    • local circuit breaker open/close command
                                                    • local/remote commutator

                                                    Benefits for professionals:

                                                    + Easy design and use

                                                    • Limited part numbers for easy selection and ordering
                                                    • Available worldwide

                                                    + Easy installation

                                                    • The circuit breaker’s integrated communication capabilities eliminate the need for I/O wiring between the circuit-breaker and the PLC
                                                    • RJ 45 connections between the circuit breakers and the communication network
                                                    • The FDM121 mounted on a standard cutout on the front panel is easy to install with its RJ 45 connection

                                                    + Easy testing and configuration, using your PC installed with RCU* software
                                                    * Free download available online at 

                                                    + Efficient operation and maintenance, thanks to the FDM121’s central and local management capabilities

                                                    Main Characteristics:

                                                    Solution applicable to: any building with a Building Management System



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                                                    Application to schedule selected loads simply via your BMS

                                                    schedule selected loads simply via your BMS

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