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                                                    Power distribution

                                                    Take advantage of discount MV utility rates without the risk of counterparty power cuts


                                                    Main Drivers

                                                    “To guarantee the lowest possible utility rates, I have agreed to go off the power grid during peak hours. Therefore, to avoid costly downtime, I need a back-up power supply that kicks in automatically after just a few seconds.”

                                                    Solution in brief

                                                    Install an Automatic Transfer System (ATS) to switch the MV connection to a back-up generator

                                                    Solution applicable to any building with a medium voltage network

                                                    Save energy

                                                    Depending on your rate agreement, the utility sends out a signal just before the higher peak rate kicks in or power is cut off.

                                                    The ATS receives this signal and:

                                                    • Starts the generator
                                                    • Turns on the main switch once the generator is ready
                                                    • Turns off the generator switch

                                                    Power is restored in less than 10 seconds


                                                    Increase power availability


                                                    ATS ensures power availability, performing the same functions if voltage loss is detected on the main electrical line, with power generally restored in less than 15 seconds.

                                                    •  The fault passage indicator (FPI) ensures the ATS is locked if a fault current is detected to avoid cutting off power to a properly-functioning line.


                                                    Benefits for End Users

                                                    > Guarantee lowest possible utility rates
                                                    Savings of 10% are achievable in many countries—in some countries, when demand is highand supply is short, the price per kWh can be multiplied by more than 10
                                                    > Boost operating efficiency with automatic monitoring and guaranteed power availability—ATS comes with an optional communication module to transmit information to a remote control system

                                                    Benefits for professionals

                                                    + Factory-tested, preconfigured design 

                                                    • ATS comes ready to install on an RM6 switchboard in a T2001 box
                                                    • The T2001 automation comes pre-programmed, eliminating sequence errors during set-up

                                                    + More efficient procurement: easy-to-order based on existing part numbers
                                                    + Quick, easy installation

                                                    • Plug-in connections only
                                                    • Kit included for mounting T2001 on wall or RM6


                                                    + Simple commissioning: easy to configure service voltage, time delays, and ATS operating modes
                                                    + Maintenance free: automatic testing and troubleshooting



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                                                    Application to take advantage of discount MV utility rates without the risk of counterparty power cuts

                                                    discount MV utility rates without the risk of counterparty power cuts

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