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                                                    Secure an installation - bathroom


                                                    Bathroom: a humid environment increasing the risk of electric shock

                                                      Secure an installation 

                                                    In the bathroom, the risk of electric shock is very high, because wet skin becomes highly conductive:

                                                    • The current reaches vital organs (heart, lungs) more easily;
                                                    • The discharge current is 3 to 5 times higher.
                                                    • The injuries caused are all the more serious.

                                                    > Understand more on direct contact risks and indirect contact risks.


                                                    Protective measures must therefore be stepped up:

                                                    • Compliance with safety perimeters to keep all potentially hazardous elements away from water points;
                                                    • Equipotential bonding between all exposed metallic conductive parts, electrical equipment and water pipes;
                                                    • Protection of all circuits by high-sensitivity residual current device: immediate disconnection in the event of a suspicious current leak. 

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