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                                                      How to choose the correct surge protection regarding a situation?


                                                      Which type of surge arrester for which situation?

                                                      Types of surge arresters

                                                      • T1: only used when LPS is present
                                                      • T2: used systematically.
                                                      • T3: only used in addition to a T2 (as lower discharge capacity), if the loads are more than 30m from the incoming T2 surge arrester

                                                      * LPS (Lightning Protection System) = lightning rod, meshed cage on buildings)
                                                      ** After 30m (between the surge arrester and the loads) lightning wave reflection phenomena appear in the cables.

                                                      The 30 meters rule for installation of surge protection devices

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                                                      Surge protection guide:


                                                      Understand how to choose an upstream protection