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                                                    Secure an installation - electrical switchboards

                                                    Electrical switchboards, an essential part of a well protected installation



                                                    Preventing any contact with live parts for users means:

                                                    • Materials of very high quality, resisting impacts and ageing
                                                    • Watertightness adapted to the ambient humidity level
                                                    • No space allowing a tool or finger to be inserted in the switchboard
                                                    • A front door preventing access to the equipment through carelessness or inadvertence. 

                                                      Secure an installation  

                                                    > Mini Pragma enclosures

                                                    • Housing, small tertiary sector
                                                    • Protection against direct contact: IP4 
                                                    • Blanking plates supplied
                                                    • Standard door (opaque or transparent)


                                                    > Pragma modular enclosures 

                                                    • Housing, tertiary sector
                                                    • Protection against direct contact: IP4
                                                    • Impact resistance: IK07
                                                    • Blanking plates supplied
                                                    • Doors on option



                                                    > Kaedra weatherproof enclosures 

                                                    • Outdoors, aggressive environments, etc.
                                                    • Protection against direct contact and watertightness: IP65
                                                    • Impact resistance: IK09
                                                    • Blanking plates supplied
                                                    • Standard transparent door




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                                                    To know more 

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