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                                                      Human body & electrical shocks


                                                      Schneider Electric, world No. 1 for electrical protection, is committed at your side to protect human lives.

                                                      Each year in France, for example, 200 people die of electrocution and 500 suffer serious injuries, often permanent:  burns, respiratory paralysis, cardiac arrest, etc.

                                                      The main victims are:
                                                      • Young children,
                                                      • DIY enthusiasts,
                                                      • and even you professionals who are constantly operating in an environment which does not pardon a second's inattention.

                                                      Secure an installation

                                                      Because you are a contractor, depending on the legislation in force in your country, you can be held legally responsible for the bodily or material damage caused by your installation if it does not comply with the required safety criteria.

                                                      Securing an installation means preventing, by all possible means, a person from sustaining a dangerously high current.


                                                      Damages caused by current on the human body or a part of it and corresponding to an intensity (from standard IEC 60 479-1)

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