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                                                      Install an overvoltage protection


                                                      Lightning is a phenomenon that generates a high frequency voltage:

                                                      • The length of the cables must be taken into account in cases of high frequency
                                                      • 1 metre of cable crossed by a lightning current generates an overvoltage of 1,000V

                                                      Mandatory in Standard IEC 60364-5-534:

                                                      • L (length of cables) < 50cm,
                                                      • cable cross-section S < 4mm²(Type 2) and S< 16mm² (Type 1).

                                                      See examples of lightning devices in the switchboard

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                                                      To know more 

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                                                      lightning devices installation in the panelboard, entrance from the top

                                                      lightning devices installation from the top

                                                      lightning devices installated on metal chassis