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                                                    Secure an installation - lighting


                                                    Lighting, the second cause of electric shocks

                                                     Secure an installation 

                                                    • Accidents occur especially during minor repairs.

                                                    Disconnection at the switchboard before any servicing operation, and the use of insulating gloves and tools should be encouraged. But safety can be improved by various measures at the installation level.


                                                    Connection of lighting fixtures to a 30 mA residual current device is the most comprehensive form of protection. Several countries have already made this compulsory. This measure is justified especially when electrical equipment is old or dilapidated.


                                                    Lighting fixtures of metallic structure should be connected to the protective conductor (green-yellow); those with an insulating structure should be of class II.


                                                    • Specific feature for lighting fixtures incorporating bare cables

                                                    These devices should be powered by a transformer delivering a voltage of less than 50 V (24 V in humid atmosphere).  In the event of contact, the current in the human body cannot reach a dangerous amperage, thus providing sufficient insulation between conductors and the parts accessible to the user.


                                                    Schneider Electric residual current device


                                                    The Multifix DCL lighting fixture connector is a mounting device built into the ceiling. An integral power socket allows connection and disconnection very simply and in complete safety.

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