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                                                      Lightning and its consequences on the installation


                                                      What phenomenon is lightning?

                                                      Lightning is an ultra-rapid transient phenomenon.

                                                      • The unit of measurement  is kV/ µs.
                                                      • It's a highly destructive energy. 

                                                      The consequences of lightning: electrical overvoltage

                                                       The main effect of lightning is electrical overvoltage which exposes the electrical installations to a serious risk of:

                                                      • malfunction,
                                                      • destruction of equipment,
                                                      • unavailability of production tools, etc.

                                                      > The overvoltages come either from the electricity network or from the earth.


                                                      Damages on sensible equipments

                                                      90% of sockets power sensitive equipment and an overvoltage can damage them (Total values estimated amount = €3,650).

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