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                                                    Secure an installation - plugs & sockets


                                                    Power sockets, the prime cause of electric shock

                                                    Power sockets, the prime cause of electric shock

                                                    In normal conditions, it is at the power socket level that people come closest to live parts, and that the risk of electrocution by direct contact exists.

                                                    The flexible cords and extension cords connected to wall sockets are subject to impacts, crushing and other damage. The effects of this damage represent the prime cause of electric shock.

                                                    Secure an installation


                                                    The contractor is therefore required to verify:


                                                    The IEC 60364 standard makes it compulsory to installresidual current device of sensitivity 30 mA on the power supply for:

                                                    • All power sockets
                                                    • All circuits located in bathrooms and other humid premises (sockets, lighting, radiators, water heaters, etc).


                                                    With Schneider Electric power sockets, no compromising on quality 

                                                    Unica wall sockets have been designed to ensure maximum safety for their users thanks to the following special features:

                                                    • "Wells" (see illustration 1), ensuring that at insertion or withdrawal the pins are never accessible;
                                                    • Safety blanking plates, preventing any insertion of an object (finger, metal tip, etc.) when the socket is "free";
                                                    • Insulating material (thickness, material, etc.) that is impact-resistant;
                                                    • Earth connector, to be connected to the yellow-green protective cable;
                                                    • Fastening by 2 screws, in a recessed box, of depth  …. mm, sealed in the wall, for maximal resistance to pulling force.


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                                                    To know more 

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