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                                                      Electrical risks and Safety


                                                      Human body & electrical shocks:

                                                      Lightning dangers for sensible equipments:


                                                      Nowadays, it’s not possible to think of our world without electricity. From the moment we wake up with our alarm clocks, to the moment we go to bed turning off the lights!
                                                      Electricity is everywhere.

                                                      But electricity is dangerous, and it’s our duty to protect people from its dangers, and to help them protect their properties and homes.There are many dangers about electricity some are linked to the uncertainty of the power, or others are due to a malfunction or a damage on the installation.

                                                      This specific area of the site has been created to help you contractors, installers and electricians to install protection equipments, and to make your customers understand the necessity of protecting their belongings and beloved from the dangers of electrical risks.

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