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Original Equipment Manufacturer

                                          Global and Multi-site OEM Development programme

                                          The one partner you need wherever you operate

                                          You are a leader on your market. You operate in different countries and manage several production sites.

                                          You expect your world-class supplier to:
                                          - Coordinate across multiple business units regardless of languages and cultural issues
                                          - Manage global sales agreements involving several countries
                                          - Establish long-term partnerships in global purchasing, logistics, processes
                                          - Offer a single interface to coordinate account activities worldwide
                                          - Propose appropriate customised offers.


                                          Outstanding premium services

                                          We leverage our relationships with selected global multi-site partners to offer them. 
                                          Join our Global and Multi-site OEM Development programme and take advantage of:
                                          - Single entry point to our resources
                                          - Multi-country sales agreements
                                          - Privileged meetings with our top management
                                          to discuss technological trends and develop business opportunities.

                                           Ask for further information about our programme