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                                          Automation architectures

                                          Browse any of our 13 Preferred Implementations


                                          Select the right archiectures:

                                          Simplicity and ease of use

                                          Compact Simplicity

                                          Best choice for starting automation

                                          Compact Optimised

                                          Simple and faultless installation guaranteed

                                          Compact Evolutive Optimised

                                          Easy to implement and use

                                          Distributed AS-Interface Optimised

                                          Built-in reliability and safety features
                                          Performance and compactness

                                          Compact Performance

                                          For performance and robustness

                                          Compact Evolutive Performance

                                          For complex installations with motion requirements

                                          Compact High Performance

                                          Modularity of software and performance

                                          Compact Evolutive High Performance

                                          Performance, modularity and customisation
                                          Modularity and transparency

                                          Distributed CanOpen Performance

                                          For performance and distributed control

                                          Distributed CanOpen High Performance

                                          Distributed automation, modularity, customisation

                                          Distributed Ethernet TCP/IP High Performance

                                          Advanced IT features to enhance large and complex machines with modularity and flexibility
                                          Advanced implementation

                                          Distributed CanOpen Optimised

                                          Simple, quick and faultless assembly guaranteed

                                          Drive Centric Implementation

                                          For compact or distributed and complex installations requiring motion or substitute servos with drives