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Original Equipment Manufacturers

                                          Electrical Standards

                                          Conceive, design & assemble a machine control panel


                                          Your Challenges?
                                          > Address new business opportunities in UL influenced markets
                                          > Adapt existing control panel design to meet most recent UL508A requirements
                                          > Subcontract control panel assembly to UL certified partners

                                          What do we offer?
                                          Benefit from the hands-on experience of Schneider Electric experts to design and assemble state of the art UL control panels.
                                          This is a multiple entry programme depending on your situation:
                                          • UL Discovery:
                                          An insight into the UL world for decision makers. Get to know the essential requirements
                                          • UL in depth: 
                                          A 2 day training course dedicated to electrical engineers to master the concepts of UL508A standards
                                          • UL in pratice:
                                          - Get access to Schneider Electric expertise to review together your electrical diagrams
                                          - Get access to UL experienced panelbuilders




                                          How does this work?

                                          • Attend information seminar to get updated on the subject
                                          • Get Schneider Electric experts to train your engineering team
                                          • Get personalised consulting on your own drawings
                                          • Identify options for sub-contracting panel assembly

                                          What are the benefits for you as an OEM?
                                          Minimise time to UL market:
                                          • Capture new market opportunities
                                          • UL machine acceptance process made easier
                                          • Keep abreast of the latest UL evolutions