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Original Equipment Manufacturers

                                          Services and support


                                          Throughout the complete machine life cycle

                                          Developing your business and increasing profitability hinge on more than products and architectures, but above all on innovation, cost reduction, new market development, and continuity of operation of your machine.

                                          We assist you at every stage of your business challenges. Providing you with improved performance and increased machine reliability enables you to achieve greater customer satisfaction.



                                          Discover our services & support offer

                                          • Conception & design
                                            > Co-Engineering: design an optimised automation solution for your machine with support from experienced Schneider Electric Application Design Engineers
                                          • Assembly:
                                             > Industrial performance: make the most of your industrial investment.
                                          • Operation & maintenance
                                            > International after-sales: take advantage of the global Schneider Electric presence to service your machine at the overseas end-user site.
                                            > Customer Care: get commercial and technical support on Schneider Electric products and solutions during local normal office hours wherever you are.

                                          Throughout our worldwide training centres we also help you to expand your knowledge of products and solutions and enhance your skills.