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Original Equipment Manufacturers

                                          Solutions for complex machines

                                          Achieve high performance from design to maintenance

                                          Our solutions are based on tested, validated and documented generic architectures that will enhance the performance and flexibility of your installations.

                                          Based on customer feedback, our solutions provide:
                                          - Motion synchronisation
                                          - Adapted products
                                          - Dedicated software


                                          ELAU highly scalable automation solution

                                          For consumer packaged goods industries, we provide highly scalable automation systems through our subsidiary ELAU.

                                          ELAU PacDrive™ technology provides:
                                          - Open, scalable controls
                                          - Dynamic, decentralised servo drives
                                          - Innovative software

                                          Morever, benefit from the firm's extensive know-how and take advantage of:
                                          - Practical training
                                          - Thorough knowledge of applications
                                          - Worldwide service

                                           Find out more about ELAU