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Original Equipment Manufacturers

                                          Your partner in Conveying

                                          Achieve maximum throughput while simplifying system installation

                                          Designing and manufacturing conveying equipment is your area of speciality. Our solutions help you make the most of your conveying installations throughout the entire life cycle of your machinery.
                                          Maximise operating efficiency
                                          Streamlined conveying line operation is made possible by:
                                          - Decentralised control and coordinated motor positioning solutions
                                          - Integrated safety monitoring for controlled stops in specific areas
                                          - Reduced wiring time and errors through Plug and Play connection

                                          Reduce installation time and warranty costs
                                          Increase production capacity and ensure enhanced flexibility through:
                                          - Motor starter modularity with removable control modules
                                          - Ability to retrofit to any conveyor system

                                          Increase system reliability and reduce downtime
                                          Our solutions provide you with:
                                          - High level of reliability and traceability to assembly lines
                                          - Convenient on-demand diagnostics

                                          Success story


                                          Updating an automation solution with a tracking system
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                                          Fully automated conveyance systems
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                                          Save time designing


                                           ATV71 and ATV31
                                          Dual processor control improves system efficiency.
                                           TeSys U motor control
                                          Solid-state overload protection expedites faultfinding.
                                           PLC scalable
                                          Modular design allows easy adaptation and expansion.
                                           Osiconcept sensors
                                          Easy mounting and set-up facilitate automatic adjustment.
                                           Preventa safety devices
                                          Software enables combination of various safety circuits.