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Original Equipment Manufacturers

                                          Solutions for simple machines

                                          Fulfil your true manufacturing potential

                                          You seek to integrate automation into your machines and improve diagnostics and flexibility without additional cost in drives and software.   Our solutions provide you with tested, validated and documented generic architectures to rapidly automate simple machines.

                                          They enable you to make the most of:
                                          - Optimised installations
                                          - Reduced costs
                                          - Shortened setting time


                                          Deliver genuine ease of use
                                          - Simplify the integration and installation of a user-friendly interface

                                          Simplify system configuration
                                          - Enable hassle-free configuration and communication with variable-speed drives

                                          Build safety into your design
                                          Eliminate unnecessary extra investment with fully integrated safety functions.

                                          3 preferred architectures

                                          Compact Simplicity
                                          Best choice for starting simple automation with confidence

                                          Compact Optimised
                                          Simple, quick, faultless and optimised installation

                                          Compact Evolutive Optimised
                                          Easy to implement and reuse


                                          Success stories


                                          Automated systems optimised for harsh conditions
                                           Read the success story