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Original Equipment Manufacturers

                                          Your partner in textile

                                          Ensure high productivity whilst minimising downtime from your breakages

                                          Building state-of-the-art textile manufacturing equipment is your core competency. Whether for spinning or finishing, our solutions help you make the most of your installations throughout the entire life cycle.
                                          Maximise output and efficiency
                                          Our textile-specific solutions ensure continuous production from spinning to heat setting:
                                          - Precisely synchronised speeds between rotor, threading device and feeding motors
                                          - Increased printing efficiency through 60m/min. operating guiding speed and pattern accuracy of +/- 0.1 mm
                                          - Accurate temperature control through a user-friendly interface.

                                          Improve yarn and fabric quality
                                          Yarn-breaking detection, semi-automatic joining and improved print quality are enabled by:
                                          - Dedicated controllers with application-specific I/O
                                          - High-performance constant speed/tension ratio
                                          - Synchronised movement of servo motors

                                          Reduce downtime and maintenance
                                          Remote diagnostics reduce down time and simplify maintenance with network connectivity

                                          Success stories


                                          Improved spinning machine performance and efficiency
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                                          Improved textile machine speed and performance
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                                          Save time designing
                                           Use a predefined architecture
                                           Ask our experts to assist you in designing your machines

                                           ATV71 and ATV31 drives
                                          Internal cooling system to eliminate the need for fans in the control panel.
                                           Lexium 05 and Lexium 15 servo drives
                                          Dedicated built-in textile functions.
                                           Modicon M340, Premium and Twido automation platforms
                                          Small footprint and easy connection.
                                           Magelis XBT GT
                                          Combination text and graphic displays.