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Original Equipment Manufacturers

                                          Success stories - Hoisting

                                          Steel manufacturer (France)
                                          Specialised in the manufacture of long steels for the automotive and mining industries, our customer sought to ease maintenance and maximise the productivity of its existing installations. The firm modernised its production site overhead cranes with a high-performance Premium solution. The system enhanced performance with user-friendly operation and uninterrupted operation.

                                          - Efficient equipment operation using a more powerful variable-speed drive
                                          - Reduced maintenance thanks to a customisable variable-speed drive display console
                                          - Minimal equipment down time through installation of a back-up drive
                                          - Continuous operation enabling defective drive replacement without the need to stop the installation

                                          Main customer requirements
                                          - Improve performance
                                          - Curb maintenance
                                          - Ensure uninterrupted operation

                                          Our answer
                                          - A Premium unit connected to the FIPIO network ensures smooth operation of the overhead crane and maintenance monitoring system installed in the control room.
                                          - Two variable-speed drives – one under normal operation and the other in back-up mode – control motorisation of each motion for uninterrupted operation.
                                          - Controls can be operated from the cabin or via radio control.