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                                          Success stories - HVAC & R


                                          Refrigeration system integrator (Canada)

                                             A Canadian refrigeration system integrator sought to improve energy conservation through a decentralised system to independently control temperatures. The installation would have to incorporate an easy programming tool for simplified communication, as well as ease of implementation and maintenance.

                                          - 22% energy saving for the end user
                                          - Reduced overall wiring and product cost
                                          - Direct communication between the independently controlled cold producer, tank and unit

                                          Main customer requirements

                                          Operating energy cost reduction
                                          - Decentralised automated system architecture
                                          - High-performance regulation functions

                                          Overall solution cost reduction
                                          - Reduced wiring time
                                          - Reduced installation errors
                                          - Reduced equipment costs

                                          Improved communication network performance
                                          - Communication of all systems with central supervision for monitoring and configuration functions

                                          Our answer
                                          An open, flexible solution featuring the Twido Compact controller, Ethernet and the PT100/PT10008-input temperature extension module delivers:
                                          - Eight inputs instead of the usual four
                                          - Ethernet connectivity for direct communication