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                                          Success stories - Material handling

                                          Updating an automation solution with a tracking system

                                            A French vehicle manufacturer needed to integrate a tracking system into an existing automation system. The company aimed to achieve simple, economical interfacing with the installed programmable logic controller (PLC) network.


                                          - 20% reduction in the overall cost of investment, installation and implementation
                                          - Facilitated integration into the existing PLC network
                                          - Ease of installation and maintenance through product availability

                                          Main customer requirements 
                                          - Solution integration without modification of existing PLC programmes
                                          - Adaptation of protocol and physical line between PLCs and the identification system
                                          - Simplified programming and installation
                                          - Improved production reliability
                                          - Optimisation of installed equipment maintenance


                                          Our answer 
                                          The tracking system combines the highly open Twido compact programmable controller and Ositrack RFID system.