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Original Equipment Manufacturers

                                          Success stories - Packaging


                                          Orion Packaging Systems (Canada)

                                            To deliver its brand-new leading-edge stretch wrapper, Orion Packaging Systems needed new electronic control and automation systems.
                                          The company objective was to produce a more efficient machine with less maintenance while enhancing the legendary reliability expected by end users.

                                          Orion selected Schneider Electric’s automation platform to achieve this objective.

                                          50% reduction of storage space through pre-assembly of components
                                          20% reduction in enclosure volume due to an integrated architecture with fewer components inside
                                          15% gain in installation time thanks to easy-to-connect solutions

                                          Orion’s main requirements
                                          - Full compliance with Orion’s global safety and operating standards
                                          - Cost reduction on the machine (but not necessarily that of its equipment)
                                          - Fewer supplier stocks with no impact on quality and reliability


                                          Our answer
                                          A specially designed programmable logic controller combined with a personalised operator interface to create a robust, compact and extremely reliable solution. We also supplied motor control components, sensors and security protocols.

                                          With Schneider Electric’s automation and monitoring platform, our new Flex series stretch wrappers have fewer parts, which considerably reduces end-user maintenance costs." Glenn Greene, General Manager, Orion Packaging Systems.