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Original Equipment Manufacturers

                                          Success stories - Simple machines


                                          Vehicle manufacturer (Finland)

                                            Our customer, a Finnish vehicle manufacturer, operates in extreme climatic, corrosive and mechanical conditions. The firm decided to develop a robust unit capable of being mounted directly on the machine frame.


                                          - Exceptional resistance to severe environments (down to -20°)
                                          - Simplified installation due to an enclosure-free mounting
                                          - Significantly improved communication performance
                                          - User-friendly interface featuring data management and video streaming

                                          Main customer requirements
                                          - Extreme temperature resistance of devices
                                          - Resistance to regular vehicle high-pressure cleaning
                                          - Shock and vibration resistance
                                          - Touch-screen and joystick interfaces
                                          - Reduced installation time


                                          Our answer
                                          Specially designed for use in severe conditions, our solution comprises the following components:
                                          - Twido Extreme programmable controller
                                          - Interfacing capabilities (Modbus, CANopen and CANJ1939 integrated in Twido Extreme)
                                          - Advantys FTB and Magelis XBT GT