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Original Equipment Manufacturers

                                          Success stories



                                          Modernisation of existing overhead cranes at a steel foundry 
                                          A French steel manufacturer upgraded its installations to ensure uninterrupted operation at all times.
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                                          HVAC & R

                                          Energy conservation through refrigeration control 
                                          A Canadian refrigeration system integrator innovated a decentralised unit that lowers energy consumption by 22%.
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                                          Lifts and escalators

                                          Cost-effective wiring for an extensive escalator installation
                                          A Spanish commercial building machine manufacturer enhanced installation safety while cutting wiring costs by 30%.
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                                          Material handling

                                          Updating an automation solution with a tracking system 
                                          A French vehicle manufacturer achieved a 20% reduction in the overall cost of investment by interfacing with an existing PLC network.
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                                          A more efficient stretch wrapper with less maintenance 

                                          Orion Packaging Systems designed an all-new unit featuring a 20% reduction in enclosure volume.
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                                           Improved spinning machine performance and efficiency 
                                          Shanghai Erfangji replaced its mechanical devices with an electronic control system for a 30% increase in overall efficiency.
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                                          Simple machines
                                          Automated systems optimised for harsh conditions
                                          A Finnish vehicle manufacturer developed a machine frame-mountable unit resistant to extreme temperatures.
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