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                                          Success stories - Textile


                                          Shanghai Erfangji (China)

                                            Textile machinery manufacturer Erfangji wanted to improve spindle forming performance and auto-doffing efficiency. The firm decided to replace the mechanical devices of its compact spinning frame with an electronic control system.

                                          Following an assessment of similar offers by vendors Yaskawa and KEB, Erfangji turned to Schneider Electric for a complete solution.

                                          - 30% increase in efficiency made possible by the auto-doffing function
                                          - Significant improvement in spindle-forming and yarn quality through the electronic CAM
                                          - Simplified mechanical device and shortened development time

                                          Main customer requirements
                                          - Accurate drawing and twisting control with constant yarn tension to ensure high yarn quality
                                          - Improved performance in spindle forming and replacement of mechanical devices
                                          - Increased efficiency via the auto-doffing function


                                          Our answer
                                          We provided a complete solution with CANopen fieldbus and embedded electronic CAM to meet Erfangji’s requirements. Schneider Electric textile application design engineers assisted in programming key functions for the customer.

                                          All of our objectives were achieved using Schneider Electric’s solution at no additional cost. It’s also easier to perform maintenance than before due to CANopen fieldbus.”  Xue Feng, Technical Manager, Shanghai Erfangji.