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      Partnership program


      Improving performance will give you an opportunity to work towards excellence and reach new heights in your relationships


      Destination Excellence is the Schneider Electric worldwide program of customised and evolvable partnerships being rolled out country by country.

      This program is open to panelbuilders meeting specific performance criteria in order to provide contractors and end-users with an even higher level of satisfaction.

      Customising the relationship
      This new Schneider Electric partnership program is designed to support partners, in exchange for services, so that they can differentiate and expand their own business.
      The program is based on different types of commercial and/or technical partnerships that cover aspects such as:
      - Optimized use of products in your panels
      - Optimized technical integration of products and functional units in your panels
      - Sales and manufacturing of tested panels, by using manufacturer’s switchboard functional systems
      - Design, sales and implementation of solutions & services
      - and more...
      Contracts are personalised and evolve over time.

      Going even further together, in excellence
      Every day, partners benefit from close, win-win collaboration that covers their entire business process: access to specific offers and support including private web sites (extranet, tools, software, training, services and more).


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