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PlantStruxure White Papers

    Becoming more “energy efficient”

    Find out more about PlantStruxure Low Voltage Power Control Library

    Becoming more "energy efficient" with the PlantStruxure low voltage power control library  Power systems are designed and operated so that for any normal system condition, including a defined set of contingency conditions, there is adequate generating and transmission capacities to meet load requirements. However, there are economic limits on the excess capacity designed into a system and the contingency outages under which a system may be designed to operate satisfactorily.
    For those rare conditions where the system’s capability is exceeded, there are usually processes in place to automatically monitor a power system’s loading levels and reduce loading when required. The load shed processes automatically sense overload conditions, then shed enough load to relieve the overloaded equipment before there is loss of generation, line tripping, equipment damage or a chaotic random shutdown of the system, resulting in a blackout.
    There are different methods used for overload detection and load shedding.
    For this white paper we consider the control system application that can be developed using the Low voltage power control (LVPC) library from Schneider Electric.
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