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    Is there a value in deploying IEC 61850 communication into oil & gas EMCS



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    IEC 61850 communication technology appears as a very promising technology, able to reach both a high level of performance and a high level of interoperability. However considering the real maturity of this technology (from its current level of definition, down to its implementation) and the height of the breakthrough this may represent for the user, a recommendation would lead to a reasonable step-wise deployment.
    A first level 1 (Level 1) focused on Monitoring and Control part of the EMCS can already bring many benefits to the user, while offering a high level of multi-vendor interoperability.
    A second Level (Level 2) based on a limited single vendor deployment of the GOOSE peer-to-peer capability would offer a cost-effective mean for reducing wiring on site and increase the installation agility.

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