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    Electric Vehicle White Papers

    Management of electric vehicle fleet charging





    In France, company vehicle fleets represent approximately a third of the overall number of vehicles registered, i.e. 850,000 vehicles in 2010.

    With no gas emission, no discharge of particles and silent operation, the electric vehicle offers an effective, concrete solution to reduce the ecological footprint of transport.
    It forms the last missing link in the panorama of sustainable urban mobility (train, tramway, bus, bicycle) and perfectly matches the needs of drivers travelling less than 20 km daily, essentially within urban areas. This average distance covered each day corresponds to the needs of private individuals using their vehicles for the home-work run and also to most trips made using vehicles from company fleets.

    Using an electric vehicle regularly requires safe, easy-to-use charging systems. These charging infrastructures must also allow the user to charge his vehicle during his usual journeys and not force him to stop specifically to do this. The innovative concept of electric vehicle charging is the possibility to charge it where the user usually parks instead of having to stop specially to charge it as is the case for vehicles with combustion engines which need to stop in service stations.

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