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    Energy savings in commercial refrigeration equipment: High Pressure control


    Refrigeration process use a considerable amount of energy (30 to 80%) in the food industry, storage or mid size store and hypermarkets. It is that first expenditure that users want to save money, but it is also the least known and most critical. Despite solutions that have been existing for years, the initial choice favors operation and investment rather than energy consumption.

    Among solutions to save energy in refrigeration, High Pressure control (HP) is one of the best known, if not the most well known for refrigeration equipment. This solution when properly implemented on an installation can cut more than 30% of the electricity bill.
    However, technology is not sufficient to obtain energy savings. It is necessary to properly implement the HP control to maximise savings and avoid technical problems..

    This document explains how HP control generates energy savings versus a regulation with constant HP, and gives technical constraints.

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