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    Energy Efficiency White Papers

    Monitoring Energy Use: The Power of Information


    Seize cost-saving opportunities and improve building performance with a proven solution.


    monitoring energy use 

    Reducing energy use and waste is now widely seen as being good for the bottom line, as well as good for the environment. However, executives typically do not have the information they need to make informed, proactive decisions about their building portfolio’s energy use.

    Today’s business leaders are focused on just that: their business goals and strategies. While energy reduction and corporate social responsibility measures are important to executives, often the data and energy information is often not available in a simple, easy-to-comprehend format.

    Energy initiatives too often are one-time upgrades that are not monitored and measured properly over time. As a result, the benefits of these improvements are soon lost. The key to reducing energy use and sustaining decreases over time is providing executives with the right information, to enable informed decisions that balance energy use with other objectives, such as building comfort and employee productivity.

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