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    Machines For OEM White Paper

    Energy Efficiency for Machines: the smart choice for the motorization


    White Paper OEM Machines  According to recent studies, Industry and infrastructures consume more than 31% of the global available energy.  Electrical motors, alone, represent more than 60% of this!
    Smart use electricity is a major concern for users and manufacturers.
    Investors have now to take into account the amount of energy which will be consumed by a machine during its lifespan. Among expenses from the acquisition to dismantling, the purchase price accounts for 2 to 3% of the overall costs, only!
    Smarts solutions exist to make the most of the available energy, such as enhance machine efficiency, choose an operating mode allowing to switch off an unloaded machine, use variable speed drive, choose less energy demanding strategies of movements,  and use high efficiency motors.
    In this document, we will consider in this document how to find out the most efficient, economic and competitive solutions, according to performance criteria and productivity required.
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